Cassandra JB | Photo Editor

Photo Editing for the Adventurous Wedding Photographer

Cassandra JB - a private Photo Editor

Hi there! I'm Cassandra. 

But you can call me Cass. I'm a private photo editor to the busy adventure wedding photographer who is truly wild at heart. 

Lightroom is my jam and I have a black belt in PhotoShop. I love weddings and I am just a little obsessed with travel and landscape photography. It is my passion and priviledge to use my editing skills to help adventurous photographers succeed in reaching their business goals (without it taking over their life).


The Photo Editing Experience



With the wonders of Lightroom Smart Previews and Dropbox, we can share and collaborate easily. Throughout the process you can rest assured that my tried-and-tested workflow will guarantee that your outsourcing happens seamlessly, consistently and reliably. 

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What do you get when you outsource your editing?

Hiring a private photo editor has the potential to radically transform your workflow, your business, and your life. FOR THE BETTER! 

Get consistency with a photo editor


When you outsource your editing to me, you can count on consistent edits that 100% match your style. My aim is ensure your clients get a high-quality series of images. 



Editing is my sole job so I've got the time to edit your photos efficiently and with care. My typical turnaround time in 5-7 business days. Bye bye missed deadlines!

Get your time back


Are you spending 20, 30, 40-hours per week editing your wedding shoots? Think about all of the things you could be doing instead of sitting behind a computer screen. 


Are you ready to Reclaim your Life of Love and Adventure?