Cassandra JB | Private Photo Editor

Helping busy photographers

reclaim their time


Build a business around your life

Hi there. I'm Cassandra, but you can call me Cass. And I'm here to help you reclaim your life.

Having a professional photo editor on your team dramatically speeds up your workflow, creates a better client experience and, ultimately, increases your profits. Let me help you build the photography business you want without compromising on your work/life balance.

Increased consistency in your photos

1. Consistent images

Having only me apply your editing style to every image ensures consistency across your catalogue. I can also guarantee high-quality edits. Since this is my sole job, I am able to devote the time, energy and resources to getting it just right.

Reliable Turnaround

2. Efficiency

Photo editing is my jam and my sole job.  Over time, I've developed systems to deliver consistent results in a timely manner. Turnaround for a typical catalogue is 5-7 business days.

More time to do stuff you like!

3. Do What You love

Is your current business model taking over your life? Do you have goals and dreams for your businesses' future? Do you wish you could photograph more? Are you simply looking to spend more time with the family? Outsourcing your editing will help you reclaim your time so you can focus on what matters!


How it works


You send me your Smart Preview catalogue and a couple of "Anchor" images using drop box. If you have created your own preset, this is also when you will send it across.


Next I will work my magic in Lightroom to apply your edits to each of the images. Turnaround is typically 2-4 days.


The edited images are then shared with you for feedback and constructive criticism.


Updates are made as needed. As we work together more and more, this stage should happen less and less. 


The end result will always be a final collection of your images edited in your style within 5-7 business days.

Getting your life back!

Are you ready to Reclaim your time?