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1. What editing services do you offer?

Adobe Lightroom is my thing and I am kinda a guru when it comes to utilising its full editing potential. Lightroom is where you can expect most of the editing magic to happen. It is also how we will share the image catalogues using Smart Previews. 

I am also an Adobe-certified PhotoShop user, though I keep my use of this software to a minimum. It is primarily used to remove tiny, annoying distractions or to straighten lines in an image. 

    My bespoke service will include the following editing tasks:

    1. Exposure correction
    2. Color correction
    3. Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks, Whites
    4. Line straightening
    5. Noise reduction
    6. Black & white conversion
    7. Light manipulation to remove those tiny, annoying distractions
    8. Camera calibration/ synching between multiple shooters

    2. Do you have a preferred editing style?

    My main requirement is for you to be confident in your style and consistent in photography technique. I work almost exclusively with photographers who either shoot hybrid (film and digital) or prefer a film-like finish applied to their digital images. Are you shooting with warm and golden Kodak Portra or dreamy and bright Fuji400H in mind? I love them both and am happy to match your film scans or to just make your digital files look like film. Dark and moody or light and airy?  I can edit both styles using your own unique settings or am happy to apply a Mastin Labs preset.

    3. How do we share images efficiently?

    I'm glad you asked. No doubt you will be shooting hundreds or even thousands of images in RAW format and those files are HUGE! The solution to this problem is Adobe Lightroom Smart Preview. You will share your smart preview catalogue using DropBox. All of the original RAW files are stored on your systems, I am simply making the edits from my machine. The two main benefits of this system are 1) Smart Previews are a lightweight, smaller file format based on the DNG file format and 2) you can see my edits in real time allowing for constant communication and feedback.

    4. How much do you charge for your editing service?

    The rate for my bespoke service is .32¢ per image. Invoices are sent using PayPal after you approve the final edits. If you become a regular client, then I will be more than happy to set up monthly invoicing. 

    5. What version of Lightroom do I need?

    I am only able to work with photographers who edit their work using Lightroom Classic CC  or Lightroom Classic (2015). Unfortunately my system is unable to work with earlier releases of Lightroom. 

    6. Do I have to shoot RAW?

    The short answer is yes. RAW images are best for professional editing as they have not yet been processed and contain an enourmous amount of information that can be effectively tweaked in Lightroom. The scope for editing when using RAW images is nearly infinate. On the other hand, JPEG images are enhanced in-camera. This is a destructive process whereby losing crucial information needed for editing at a professional level. 

    7. Do I need to credit you as my editor? 

    Absolutely not! All of the images belong to you and the editing workflow is your vision. It is simply my job to "copy and paste." I do not expect to be credited in any of your work. 

    8. Do your share your before and after work? Will my clients find out that I outsource my edits?

    Again, no.  I totally get it. Outsourcing your editing is a big decision and one that can make professional photographers a little uncomfortable that their integrity has been compromised. I will never share your work on social media or on my website without your written consent to do so. If you jump to question 10, this is one reason why I don't have a traditional portfolio on my website. 

    9. What is the turnaround time for edits?

    Typically 5-7 business days for a wedding gallery of roughly 800 images.

    10. What photographic genres do you edit?

    I specialise in editing the following:

    1. Weddings
    2. Engagements
    3. Elopements
    4. Anniversaries 

    11. Do you cull images?

    Yes. I would be happy to work with you to sift, sort and cull your images. My standard rate for this service is .06 per image. We can discuss further during the initial consultation. 

    12. Do you do image manipulation and retouching?

    Unfortunately no. My business model focuses primarily on applying Adobe Lightroom corrections to images. While I may dip into PhotoShop every once in a while to remove small distractions from an image or to straighten lines, I do not undertake major manipulation edits nor in-depth retouching. My overall approach to photography is natural and real and I like to work with other photographers who feel the same. 

    13. Can I see samples of your work?

    This is a tough one because at the end of the day none of the images I edit belong to me; they are the photographer's.  I take a photographer's privacy very seriously and do not feel it appropriate to make it common knowledge that they are outsourcing. And finally, since my job is to emulate another person's style, I would not want to include too many samples as the work I do is hugely varied and not my vision.  Rest assured that I am flexible and adept at working to meet your unique needs. 

    However, I do appreciate that you need confidence in my ability to utilise Lightroom and Photoshop. Below are a few of my own personal images which I feel demonstrate my competency in photo editing.

    Photo Editor - Examples