Cassandra JB | Photo Editor

Are you ready to outsource your edits?


I get it! Outsourcing your editing is a huge decision. I bet you are thinking "I was the one hired to take photos. Is it still truly my work if someone else edits them?" Outsourcing is scary because your photographs reflect you and your creative style. Your vision is why the client hired you in the first place, right? And I know you want to deliver the best possible experience for your own clients.

Rest assured, the final edited images will always be 100% yours at the end of the process. My job is to learn and copy your style. Throughout the entire process you are in control of the creative process. You are the one who sets the tone and edits those initial "anchor" images exactly how you want before passing the rest over to me. It is then my job to simply copy your style, saving you valuable time to get on with other important tasks like booking those extra clients, working on that passion project, or simply catching up on the latest Netflix hit.  No egos over here!


Initial Consultation

So you are interested in outsourcing your editing? Great! I'm so excited you are here. Let's arrange a Skype call. Or, if you are in London, we can grab a coffee. This initial stage is first and foremost about determining if we would be a good fit working together.

You will bring samples of your work and we will discuss your style, how you achieve it, what you like, and what you don't like. I'll discuss my workflow, how we share files, and answer any questions you have. 

This consultation stage may be one meeting. It may be three. It will always be free. I want you to be 100% comfortable and confident that I can realise your stylistic vision before we sign a contract. Establishing a one-to-one relationship with a photo editor is a long-term commitment and it is crucial we get it right. 


The Learning Curve

Before fully committing to a professional partnership, I will ask you for an edited "anchor" image and a selection of unedited images. I will then edit the samples in your style. This will give us an opportunity to see whether we are suited to working together and iron out any wrinkles. It also gives me a chance to further understand your creative process in real time so that I can serve you better once we are working on a live project.

Get back your time to relax with a photo editor

Long-Term Partnership

Committing to one editor ensures that your images are consistent across your portfolio. With the magic of Smart Previews and Skype, we will work closely together to deliver high-quality images to your clients time and time again. It should go without saying, but the first few photo shoots we collaborate on may take a bit longer as we establish a system. However, once we get a good workflow between us we will be flying along. 

Last, but not least: contract signing. My standard contract runs annually. Why? I like building long-term working relationships with my photographers. This is because it has taken a lot of hard work and trust to get to this stage. I don't require a set number of images/weddings per year, but I do want efficiency. Only having to agree to the T&Cs once per year makes it easy to plan and avoids any surprises for both of us.



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