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Meet Cassandra

Photo editor to the modern photographer.




Hi there. I'm Cassandra

But you can call me Cass. I am a private photo editor to the film-loving photographer. I am also film nerd, keen landscape photographer, hiking/cycling enthusiast, cat lover and coffee addict.  Splitting my time between my hometown of New York and adopted home of London, I am a true digital nomad who loves living life on the road. I've lived in five countries on three continents and my passport has 31 unique stamps from every corner of the Globe. Favourite places visited to date are Utah (yep - the whole state), Big Sur, the Great Barrier Reef, Picos de Europas and the Ecuadorian Andes.

It all started when…

Let's just say, this was not the intended plan. I never set out to become a professional photo editor. I was a photographer. My job was to photograph amazing luxury properties.  I was even short-listed for the Guardian's Travel Photography competition TWICE. Then just like that, life decided I needed to follow another path. You see, I am a New Yorker living in London and starting last year I found myself flying back and forth to help my family. Freelancing as a photographer just wasn't possible anymore. But I love photography so I knew I had to diversify if I wanted to stay in the industry.

It was then that the idea of serving photographers as a professional editor was born. I noticed a common theme among photographers - and had experienced it myself - we don't have the time to do it all. And the main culprit? E-D-I-T-I-N-G. After a shoot it is easy to then need 20, 30, even 40 hours to edit. It was here that I realised I am a bit of an anomaly: I love to edit in Lightroom! And most photographers don't.  They want to be out there shooting more photos, building their business, hanging with friends and family or traveling the globe. I then had a lightbulb moment. I needed to transform my passion for all things Adobe and lend a helping hand so that other photographers could get back to doing what they love. Simultaneously, with the wonders of the internet, I would have the flexibility to serve my clients from either New York or London. It is a win-win situation. And so was born my private photo editor business. 

My Approach

I love working with photographers who take an authentic and natural approach to their subjects; the photographer who wants to capture a true story of their subjects. Awkward poses? Not my thing. I am naturally drawn to images with a touch of the documentary and editorial. Natural light - preferably at sunrise or sunset - is my ideal! And don't even get me started on landscapes. The more dramatic, the better! Mountains? I might die. I don't mean to brag, but I am pretty great with editing stories that incorporate stunning landscapes. 

A film photographer by training, I work best with photographers whose style harks back to the film era. Are you a fan of Fuji 400H or Portra 400? So am I! Do you shoot hybrid? I do too and I can edit to match and ensure unparalleled consistency between your analogue and digital images. I have all of the Mastin Labs presets; I believe they are the best in the business when it comes to true film matching and emulation. 


  • Perfect skin tones
  • Accurate white balance 
  • Greens, but in moderation
  • Beautiful sunset light
  • Pop and definition, but without added contrast
  • Warmth, but not saturated


  • Crazy presets that claim to be film-like, but c'mon, they just aren't!
  • Whacking on grain and calling it film
  • White balance that messes with skin tones, leaving the subject look a little ill
  • Poorly exposed images

I know I can best serve photographers who share my own values; a love of understated beauty, minimalism, travelling, and living life to the fullest. If this sounds like you, then let me help you reclaim your life! 

So if you think we can be the perfect match then come on over and say hello!